River View Farmers Market is seeking volunteers to help run the market for the 2018 season! 

Market Coordinator Assistant

We are seeking an individual to assist with coordinating the market. If you enjoy interacting with the public, supporting local entrepreneurs, spending time outdoors and are tech savvy this maybe perfect for you! Roles and responsibilities may include but are not limited to: 

●     Accept vendor applications and notify vendors of acceptance (1 week turn around)

●     Send out email of confirmed vendors the day before the market

●     Create a weekly newsletter to hand out to vendors the day of the market

●     Collect Vendor Fees on the day of the market

●     Present at Market from 1 hour prior to start time until all vendors are packed up

●    Setting up sandwich boards around town on the day of the market as well as helping vendors pack and unpack. 

●     Create marketing material for the market - social media posts, posters and help maintain the market website

●     Recruiting of market vendors, and buskers/performers

●     Manage vendor and customer complaints in a professional manner 

●     Enforcing the market rules and regulations

●     Submitting membership for the BCAFM as well as maintaining the market insurance plan

Time commitment: Typically 5-7 hours per week during the market season. 3 to 4 hours on market day and typically 1 hour the day before, also checking the market email/facebook page daily. Before the season starts its is typically 1-2 hours per week. 

Skills required: Willingness to perform a wide variety of duties, excellent customer service skills, positive can-do attitude, a great smile, being courteous to all shoppers, ability to remember a variety of facts, and computer skills (ability to maintain website, use google forms and Microsoft word/excel)

If interested in the role please send your resume to riverviewfarmersmarket@gmail.com as well. 

Photographers and Bloggers

Enjoy the market through the camera lens! Help build our media library by documenting shoppers, vendors and volunteers in action, festival activity, children playing and the ‘market scene’ in general. We are seeking freelance photographers to capture the market on a weekly basis and provide high resolution images. 

We are also interested in bloggers. If you like to wax poetic about the beauty of dancing carrots and giant heads of celery then this is a job for you!  

Time commitment: You decide!

Skills required: a keen and creative eye, written communication skills 

Market Customer Counters

Are you a people watcher? We would like to keep track of the growth of the market, so once a month we want to count the customers entering each corner of the market. This job provides for lots of time between counting for shopping and exploring the market. 

Time commitment: 10 minutes on the hour for up to 3 hours.

Skills required: Ability to stand for 10 minutes at a time; ability to avoid distractions. 

Jack/Jill of All Trades

Volunteers arrive at market and help with whatever needs done- hence the name! Duties are varied but can include giving vendors bathroom/lunch breaks, customer counting, helping with current programming, folding brochures, and much more. Duties change each week! Of course, any duty assigned is not required: if a volunteer is unable to perform or uncomfortable performing any duty they are highly encouraged to let staff know.

Time commitment: Shifts are typically 3.5 hours, 3:30 pm to 7 pm, but can be tailored to the individual volunteer.

Skills required: Willingness to perform a wide variety of duties, ability to walk and stand for up to 3.5 hours (with breaks), excellent communication and customer service skills. 


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